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Arts Council NPO Decisions

Like most people in the arts world, I’ve been glued to Twitter this morning following the #artsfunding stream. Having been on the receiving end of the 2007 cuts at Script, and the resultant fall-out, it’s hard to see it happening again to people and companies I care about. The whole landscape is shifting, and while … Continue reading


An extended version of an article that appears in the forthcoming edition of The Lowdown In April 2010, the RSC and Mudlark launched Such Tweet Sorrow, a contemporary ‘translation’ of Romeo & Juliet, using the social networking site Twitter. It ran for five weeks, creating updated versions of six characters from the original play and … Continue reading

Day One

Lots of discussions and questions emerging from the first day of the ‘Twitterbug’ project. Is it a play? How do we present it to the wider public? How do we gain followers? Who are the characters? And why are they heading to Stoke? All that, and a whistle-stop introduction to Twitter and its main functions. … Continue reading