Autumn Days

Blimey, I’ve let this slide a bit. Too much going on in the early part of this year and too many distractions, reflections and new projects emerging in the interim. For a more comprehensive overview of theatre and new writing, I recommend that you sign up to my “other” blog over at Capital Theatre Festival. That should also be back on track very soon.

I haven’t quite worked out what to do with this one – it’ll probably turn into a more personal reflection on life and work, so expect some tangents along the way.

But first, here’s a project that I’m quite excited about – I’ve been invited to be a Visiting Lecturer at a course on Athenian Drama at The University of Birmingham, which takes place this Autumn. This comes on the back of a new version of Medea that I wrote and devised in collaboration with The Crescent Theatre last year. The course leader, Polly Toney, has written a paper reviewing the production, which forms the basis for discussion.

I’m really enjoying getting back into the swing of academic thinking, especially finding ways of explaining the process of writing and staging new plays. Fundamentally, it all comes down to storytelling, which is why I can indulge in a few ad hoc examples which employ devices that can be universally applied. Like this one, from one of the world’s consummate storytellers: