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The One That Got Away

There was only one film on last night at Bath Film Festival, and if I’m being brutally honest, I wasn’t particularly enamoured by the story of a couple of octogenarians. The blurb said it was “an honest, tragic and beautiful film about age, death, love and the limits of human endurance”. I had a look at the trailer – it looked vaguely promising – slow, poignant, but I couldn’t muster up any excitement. So I decided to give it a miss.

Then, Sod’s Law, it kept on popping up on my radar, first on Film 2012, then (after further digging) all over the place. Both Empire and Total Film gave it 5 Stars, with Empire calling it “uncomfortable, uncompromising, unflinching…and utterly unmissable”. It won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, so I suddenly got Very Excited and hotfooted it over to the booking page. It was suddenly the film of the year, the one that everyone was talking about. And, ultimately, the one that everyone and his dog had booked a ticket for. It had sold out completely.


So, yeah, Amour. I wish I could say that it was brilliant, and beautiful, and deserves all the superlatives being thrown at it. But, unfortunately, I can’t, because I’m a muppet.

To console myself this evening, I’m going to see a documentary on menstruation instead. Truly living life on the edge.

Here’s a trailer for what I missed: