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Bleeding housework and bloody violence

Yesterday, I ran over my foot with a sofa. I was vacuuming at the time, which just goes to show that housework can be really bad for your health. Anyway, it really fucking hurt. There was even some blood. Annoyingly, it didn’t swell up and today there is minimal bruising, meaning that I have nothing to show for the pain and hardly any basis for milking the sympathy. Still, I got out of having to do the upstairs, which is a bonus.

Last night’s Game of Thrones was satisfyingly violent, as usual. A sword through the head and out the mouth the other side was particularly brutal, though couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. I’m half way through Season 4, by the way, having watched two episodes a couple of years ago, didn’t stay the distance, but decided to give it another go recently. As a result, I’ve indulged in a veritable binge over the last few weeks. At the moment, it seems to have descended into a series of odd couple buddy road movies, following (among others): Arya/ The Hound, Stannis/Davos (whose name I can’t say except in a Swiss accent), and Brienne/Podrick. It’s almost turning into Lord of the Rings. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of Brienne’s quest is – yes to protect the Stark girls, but what does she do with them once she’s found them? Probably just stand around looking menacing, which I accept she does very well. And judging by his notably black mop and more than a passing resemblance to Gendry, I’m going to make a punt that Podrick is going to turn out to be another Baratheon bastard, who somehow escaped the earlier cull.

I’m loving how everyone’s accents are slipping the further into the series we get. Littlefinger is becoming more Irish with every episode and there are increasing flashes of Scot emerging through the Hound’s guttural grunts. Also, I’ve only just noticed that none of the younger Stark children share the family’s northern accent, and wonder if it’s a thing in Westeros that everyone speaks in clipped RP before the age of 15, when they suddenly wake up with an entirely different vowel system. It would explain why Theon/ Reek shares the Stark way of speaking despite not joining them until the age of eight, by which time you’d expect the power of speech to be fully formed.

Incidentally, harking back to Season 3, I have a theory as to the origin of the Frey family’s funky headgear. Tom Brooke, who plays Lothar Frey, is a friend of a friend, and it was pointed out to me at the time that he starred in a Stella Artois advert as a downed WWII pilot. Watching it back, it could be easily construed as the inspiration for the Frey look. The irony that the pilot was betrayed in the advert by those giving him shelter is probably pushing the link too far, but I like these little conjectures.

It’s The Mountain and the Viper tonight, which I’ve heard doesn’t end well. But in the words of Ramsay Snow, “if you thought this was going to end well, you obviously haven’t been paying attention”.


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